EPMG today released the Multicultural Consumer Insights Study (MCIS). The study contains customized zip code level purchasing data for over 1,600 variables and has interesting implications for big box retailers targeting Hispanics. “The 2010 Census data is exciting, but not actionable”, Trevor Hansen, CEO of EPMG 360 tells Portada. “With the Multicultural Consumer Insights Study marketers can now find actionable data on how to reach the Hispanic demographic,” Hansen adds.

The study has three primary segmentations, which are Hispanic, African American and Asian. It was conducted by Nielsen Research using foundation data from Experian Simmons including customized zip level purchasing data for over 1,600 variables of psychographic and consumer intent data (e.g. “I plan to purchase a car in the next 3 months” or “this brand makes me feel better about myself.” Nielsen then paired the Simmons data to zip code level demographic data on U.S. Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans.

The MCIS data provides advertisers a clear image of the opportunities lying in front of them. Once the opportunity and the advertiser’s goals are established, EPMG matches them against a footprint of Hispanic print and digital media properties. The study is particularly useful to derive recommendations for circular (FSI) newspaper insertions targeting Hispanics. According to Hansen the new study is great news for Hispanic print and digital media as well as for hyper local media.

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