El Nuevo Herald Gears-up for 2008 Election Ad Revenue

“This election, we expect to see a much greater emphasis on online advertising from the presidential campaigns,” says Louisa Ferreira, Ad-sales manager of Miami’s El Nuevo Herald. Ferreira says she anticipates that about 70% of the campaigns’ advertising investment will go into online, while the remaining 30% will go into print.

“We’ve been really proactively pursuing both the Democaratic and Republican candidates,” says Ferreira. Even still, no one has placed any advertising yet. With the Florida primary just over a month away, however, that’s bound to change.

Aside from the campaigns themselves, it is quite possible that political action committees, like MoveOn.org, will start placing ads. These groups have a large amount of capital at their disposal to get their message out. Many will remember the infamous “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” ads from the 2004 election that put a big dent in Massachusetts senator John Kerry’s campaign.

As far as editorial coverage of the campaigns is concerned, Ms. Ferreira says, “As in The Miami Herald, we do additional editorial coverage surrounding elections and key advocacy issues in El Nuevo Herald.  Details are still in the planning phase for 2008.”

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