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El Mundo America, the website that was launched  for the Americas with a newsroom in Miami two years ago is relocating its newsroom from Miami to Madrid. “The editorial team will be centralized at El Mundo/Unidad Editorial headquarters in Madrid. The Latin American and U.S. correspondents will be maintained,” Manuel Aguilera, executive editor at El Mundo America told Portada. Aguilera left his position as executive editor and will soon be joining another company.

El Mundo America’s strategy to move the editorial functions of its Latin American edition to its Madrid headquarters is in line with the strategy of other major publishers. Also Spanish Grupo Prisa, has a substantial sales and marketing presence in Miami, but content-editorial (although less so for radio) is centralized in Madrid, Spain. Grupo Diarios America (GDA) and Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (PAL) have a similar structure. All these companies have substantial traffic coming from US. Hispanic and Latin American U.S. Hispanic audiences. Traffic from outside their home markets (e.g. Spain and Argentina) is sold by directing advertisers targeting a particular region/country to that specific audience (geotargeting).

Marca digital editions  for U.S. Hispanic and Latin America
Unidad Editorial, the publisher of ElMundoAmericas, also announced that it will deepen its commitment to serve Latin American and US Hispanic audiences and the advertisers that cater to them. ElMundoAmerica position will be strengthened. In addition, new editions for the sports website will be published in key markets in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market in 2012.   Unidad Editorial’s CEO Antonio Fernandez Galiano (photo above) already hinted at this strategy during his speech at Portada’s 2010 Latam Summit in Miami.

 “Thanks to Marca America, we will be providing readers with a personalized coverage, depending on the country from which the content is accessed from, of all the content from the Spanish and European leagues. We will be bringing the Spanish league soccer stars to the readers of their respective countries of origin, said Jaime del Toro, Director of Unidad Editorial America, Unidad Editorial’s unit in charge of developing business in the Americas.

 In 2011 Unidad Editorial America, joined the newspaper group of PAL (Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos), of which Argentinean newspaper website is also a part of.


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