E-Viral, a major Latin American ad-network is building a presence in Miami to service clients and agencies with Pan regional and US Hispanic budgets.

Launched in 2005 and with offices in Guatemala and Mexico City, e-Viral is a Digital Agency/ Ad Network specializing in the development and implementation of marketing and advertising strategies on line

Roberto Sroka, the director of e-viral in Miami tells Portada that the ”primary scope is to reach out to pan –regional clients/” He adds that “as we grow we will service and sell to US Hispanic advertisers.”

E-Virals principals are Devadit Barahona and Jose Gonzalez.

There is a clear trend of Latin American based online ad-networks/digital agencies to set foot in Miami to reach out to clients targeting the panregional and U. S. Hispanic market. Companies that recently have increased their presence in Miami include Harrenmedia, Smowtion, Resultics.


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