Door hangers for brands like McCafe, Mamma Mia, Kohl’s, Hewlett Packard, Best Buy and Verizon Wireless have been put quite a few times lately on American doorknob by Power Direct, a Newport Beach, CA, based agency. The company also has done work for Univision and Telemundo.

The door hangers are bilingual: the advertising and the coupons are written in Spanish on one side and in English on the other.
Shayne Walters, former owner of Carmen’s Cupones is now a partner in Power Direct.
Depending on the circulation (amount of door hangers per campaign) CPM’s (Price per thousand) vary. A campaign with a quantity of 50,000 can have CPM’s as high of $350, while one for half a million or more will lie around $220.
From the producer point of view door hangers are a relatively inexpensive direct marketing tool as there are no list acquisition, mailing and letter shop costs.


The door hangers are distributed through on-site delivery walkers with wireless handheld GPS devices which log travel paths and geotag homes as client materials are distributed. Walkers click the device at each door where materials are delivered, thereby pinpointing their exact location via Google map technology.
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