The DMA 2005 Hispanic Market Report, produced in conjunction The DMA Directo: Council for Hispanic Marketing, demonstrates the many positive aspects about Hispanic consumers' experiences with buying direct.

According to the report, close to 40% of Hispanic direct buyers purchased from mail offers. 26% from online offers; 7,4% from telemarketing and 28,4% from DRTV. Interestingly, more direct buyers (53%) were not born in the United States. However, the majority (60%) of those not U.S. born have lived in the U.S. for ten or more years. For donors the foreign born component is even higher: most direct donors (65%) were not born in the United States. 77% of non-buyers were not born in the U.S. Like direct buyers, the majority of non-buyers (56%) have been in the United States for ten or more years.

Repeat Purchases
Online: 82% made a purchase through a Web site in the past year with 62% making five or fewer purchases. An additional 36% made six or more purchases.

E-Mail: 15% made a purchase by e-mail in the past year with an average of 5.4 purchases.

Telephone: 57% of telephone direct buyers made one or two purchases by telephone in the past year.

DRTV: 42% of television direct buyers reported only a single direct purchase in response to a television ad or infomercial.

More than four in 10 Hispanics cite "convenience of shopping from home" as a reason for making direct purchases. Significantly, convenience was most frequently cited in reference to online purchases (56%). Those purchasing from television, mail or telephone offers respectively ranked convenience (45%, 44%,and 41%).
More than a quarter view "discounted and reduced prices" as an incentive to shop from home or office .

“Time saved" is the third top ranked reason – noted by 25%.

The DMA's research also targeted Hispanic consumers who do not purchase products or services through direct marketing channels. Respondents were asked to identify reasons why they were discouraged from buying through direct channels. They were then asked to rank the issues that discouraged them from buying. These results reflect our findings from 327 non-buyers. The following bullets indicate the reasons Hispanics do not buy directly:

The majority of respondents (58%) cited two main reasons for not buying from direct advertising offers. More than a third (37%) indicated that they "preferred to see and touch items" and a little more than a fifth (21%) said that they were "not interested in items advertised."


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