DM Days New York Conference & Expo started on Tuesday and finishes today at New York’s Jacob Javits Center.

 The Conference only included one special session on the Hispanic market (“How to Incorporate Hispanic Direct Response Broadcast Into Your Multichannel Marketing Mix” by Joan Renfrow, president of Onyx Productions and Rick Sangerman, VP of A. Eicoff & Company.)
Companies with a strong exposure to the Hispanic market exhibiting or present at the show included Ethnic Technologies, Power Direct, iLoop Mobile, Rola Kimmerling Associates and List Service Direct. The Conference & Expo organized by the DMA drew less attendees than in previous years perhaps because of the current economic downturn.
Many attendees and panelists noted that in the current scenario of lower disposable income and lower consumer confidence buyer expectations are higher. They also emphasized the following for marketers: “To retain customers and develop relationship with them customer satisfaction is a condition, but customer engagement is even more important”
Customer engagement and research drives response
In an interesting panel on “New Marketing: Proven Guidelines for Using Opt-In Techniques to Deepen Customer Engagement and Increase Sales” by Ernan Ronan, President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing (ERDM) and Yvonne Brandon, Marketing Strategist, Sigler Marketing, the presenters stressed the importance for marketers to evolve from “Mass Marketing to Mass Customization and from there to 1 to 1 relationship with the customer”.
At the crux of this effort lie responsible opt-in relationships that drive strategies for customer engagement so they opt in to a deeper level of engagement. All this can be done through effective use of databases, opt-in techniques and, most importantly, customer research.

Portada Staff

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