“We buy direct response media in the U.S. Hispanic and Puerto Rican marketplace, Alex Agurcia, Founder and Presidentof Miami Beach based Advertising Agency Omni Direct tells Portada. “We manage campaigns for clients that launch products and services in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. We provide creative, translation, manage the call centers, do the mediabuying and deal with the analytical work”, Agurcia says.

Omni Direct clients include Johnson & Johnson, My Gold Envelope, Church & White.

In addition, Omni Directs also pushes its own products through Direct Response Advertising.   Omni Direct owns products in the Beauty and Health and Garment sector (Jeans and bras).

TV oriented

Television is the main media Omni Direct buys.TV amounts to more than 80 per cent of its media buying. In addition it buys digital and print advertising. It recently did a campaign for MyGoldEnvelope for Televisa Publishing and Digital’s Cosmopolitan en español .

Experts often note that the Spanish-language market is less accustomed to being pitched infomercials and that Hispanic audiences tend to be more interested, although generally also less aware of the product and the service. Dish Latino, a subsidiary of the Dish Network, has relied on a DR sales campaign to acquire what now are 1 million households subscribing to its 35 Spanish-language satellite channels

Many manufacturers of products that work well for direct response (often manufactured in Asian and Latin American countries such as China, Peru and Colombia sell in U.S. Hispanic markets through sub-distributors. These sub-distributors pay for the finished product and buy media directly or outsource the creative, media buying and analytical work to Advertising Agencies.

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