Direct Mail: General Mill’s Taps Carmen’s Cupones to Promote New Campaign

The campaign is designed to raise money for participating schools. Under the program, box tops from any one of General Mills' hundreds of products can be clipped and sent in to the school. The school can then redeem them with General Mills for 10 cents per box top, up to $20,000.

As Carmen's Cupones President Shayne Walters said, “General Mills Promotion Marketing identified Carmen's Cupones y Consejos as a distribution opportunity to Hispanic households for select brand and coupon efforts. They reached out to us for ideas and understanding of Carmen's Cupones y Consejos and decided to use us for their efforts.”

Walter's describes the mailing as “a 12 page promotional booklet mailed to the Carmen's database under the Carmen's brand name, on behalf of General Mills. It is not placed in our envelope, but is a separate mailing.”

While Walters was not at liberty to discuss the markets of quantity committed to by General Mills, he did say that the Carmen's program can reach up to 3 million U.S. Hispanic households in 11 states and 17 markets.

The campaign is targeted directly at Hispanic mothers, as Carmen's Cupones demographic is a name specific Hispanic female between the age of 25-45, with Children 0-18 years of age.