What: Medula (Medios Unidos Latinoamericanos) has appointed  Angela Cubillos  as the new digital advertising sales manager and Maria Flor Palazzolo has been promoted as Latin American sales manager.
Why it matters:  Digital solution providers and ad networks such as Medula are investing to increase their offering in both the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.

medulaAngela Cubillos has joined Medula Networks to develop their growing digital portfolio within the US Hispanic and Latin American Markets. She will join as the new digital advertising sales manager. Angela Cubillos has 7 years of experience specializing in Latin American media having worked with clients such as Bridgestone, McDonalds, Puig, and Samsung where Angela was instrumental in acquiring, implementing and maintaining clients media solution needs.

Cubillos has client experience including Bridgestone, Mc Donalds, Puig and Samsung.

Maria Flor Palazzolo is the new Latin American Sales Manager. She worked for Medula as a business developer. She has developed new digital products involving video content syndications, offline media planning, TV, print, radio, cinema and the implementation and development of Medula’s new vertical websites.”I am very excited about this change. Being on the sales side will allow me to put all my previous work experiences together,” said Palazzolo.


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