Demand for Spanish-Language Online Content on the Rise

The Spanish-dominant portion of the Hispanic online advertising market is growing the most. This is mostly due to the fact that Spanish-dominant Hispanics tend to be late Internet adopters, while most bilinguals and English-dominant Hispanics are online already. 

Alicia Morga, CEO and Founder of Consorte Media, recently told Portada that the annual growth rate in the online advertising market targeting Spanish-dominant Hispanics may be higher than 50%. “About a third of Hispanic online Expenditures target the Spanish-dominant sector but this subsector  is growing the most," she said.

Morga noted that publishers should particularly try to put as much Spanish-language content online. She also said that some categories in some niches are more sought after than others. Niche content tends to work well, particularly Spanish-language content for parents. 

 What Online Advertising will Cost You

Type of Ad

CPM (cost per thousand)

Online Banner




Text Messaging


Video (Pre or Post)


Online Banner at Niche site (e.g. Premium Parenting Website )


Source: Portada Survey