Portada interviewed Cynthia Hudson (photo), Senior VP and General Manager of CNN En Español about the relaunch of the CNN En Español site.

Portada:  Is the site targeted to Latin America and/or the U.S. Hispanic market?  

Cynthia Hudson: “The site is targeted to Spanish speakers around the world, providing relevant content to every user.”

Portada: Where is the content team based?

Cynthia Hudson: “The core team is at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, but this site is driven by the best CNN content from our anchors and correspondents around the world, and the best content of CNN as a whole network.”

Portada: Is the web content team independent of the TV team?

Cynthia Hudson: “There are some fully-dedicated digital editors, but this site is an extension and expansion of our channel, so there is a lot of cross over in terms of who files for the site and what stories you will see.”

Portada: How many unique users does the site have? What is the objective in terms of unique users?

Cynthia Hudson: “The site just officially launched today – we are confident it will get a strong response from users.”

Portada: Who sells advertising on CNNespanol.com?  

Cynthia Hudson: “CNN New York”

Portada: Is there any interaction between CNNexpansion.com in Mexico and CNNEspanol.com?

Cynthia Hudson: “We collaborate and work very closely with the teams of all CNN websites, and especially those in Spanish language, such as CNNExpansion.com and CNNMexico.com.”


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