Colleen Aranda, Interactive Advertising Manager at Continental Airlines, said that Continental is going to continue to attempt to increase brand awareness among Hispanics in New York and Houston, its main airline hubs. Continental’s main Hispanic targets are adults visiting Latin America (both English and Spanish-dominant Hispanics). Advertising will include video preroll advertising and mobile display. The tagline of many Continental Airlines campaigns has been “Volver”, which Aranda described as a great way to build brand equity and excitement for Hispanics who travel to their Latin American home countries. Aranda recently spoke at Ad-Tech New York about Continental’s strategy to reach U.S. Hispanic consumers.

Interestingly, Aranda explained that response rates to Continental's Hispanic online advertising  tend to be higher among Spanish-dominant Hispancs because they are more prone to travel.

Continental – United Airlines merger

Continental and United Airlines recently merged (although there are still antitrust authorities approvals pending). Advertising of the combined company will be managed out of Chicago. Continental’s Houston’s advertising and marketing hub will be dismantled. The new company is going to be branded as United, despite Continental’s strong brand recognition in both the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic market. The United brand has a strong recognition in the U.S. and Asia.


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