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Content: Top Editors Share their Views

The editors of La Voz de Houston, El Diario/La Prensa (NY) and Mundo Hispánico  (Atlanta) share their views on the role of print media and the Internet in order to connect with Spanish-speaking Audiences.


As Spanish-language media expands in the U.S., it is paramount for editors, publishers and advertisers to know what ways are best to connect with Spanish-speaking audiences. Portada® recently caught up with three very experienced editors. This is what they had to say:

Q: What is the advantage of the print medium to reach Hispanics?
Aurora Losada, Editor of Spanish publications ofThe Houston ChronicleLa Voz de Houston and La Vibra (Houston, TX):
“Print gives you the chance to think, to reflect about the content. You can also present the information in ways that can be of further utility for the reader. For example, a POE (info box) with bullet points containingcontact names and phone numbers of people who can help you get scholarships. You can clip, keep it and use it later. It works the same way with ads. Print is the only way for and advertiser – other than online – to make sure that his ads will be seen and maybe kept at some point. For instance, I can clipa supermarket's ad, put it in my purse and go buy groceries with that info in hand. I can't do that with a TV or radio ad.”

Alberto Vourvoulias, Executive Editor El Diario/La Prensa (New York City, NY):

“Print provides a full range of information for all members of thefamily, from those who want in-depth news to those who need a reliablesource to touch base quickly and easily with what is happening in their local scene or around the world. It is a news source that is portable and can be consumed on the reader's schedule.”

Juan Arango, Editor, MundoHispánico, (Atlanta, GA): “With print media you can provide more depth that in other media, in particular compared with radio or TV. On the other hand, Hispanics, though growing in numbers as Internet users still use print media as prime source of news and information.”

Q: What opportunities does the Internet offer?

Losada: “Endless. Internet is the one interactive medium that we still need to bring to the next level when it comes to the Hispanic audiences. We are talking about amarket, the Hispanic, which is mainly defined by its acute sense of community. Well, internet is the one outlet where you can create a community, where people can feel that they really belong to a group. It will surely create a feeling of fidelity to the medium. Internet is also the one tool that allows us to address Hispanic audiences of every age.”

Vourvoulias: “The internet offers exciting new ways to reach out to our readers and to attract new readers. It can help expand the reach and the market for any print publication, just as the print publication can help ground and drive traffic to the web.”

Arango: “I don't believe any Hispanic news media has come up with an innovative proposition for Hispanics on the internet. We are still replicating what the mainstream is doing and I don't believe our community is being responsive to that. I think there are great opportunities out there, there's just not the right approach.”

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