Content: Terra Networks U.S.A.

Portada: What sorts of video/music downloads does Terra US offer?

Sepulveda: Right now we offer a variety of videos on our TerraTV platform. From news to music to fashion to lifestyles. Anything you may want to find can be found there.  Currently Terra does not offer Music downloads, we are in the process of identifying the right partner for this.
Portada: What content providers do you work with on the audio/visual side?
  • (TV Networks, Newswires)
  • Currently we have several content providers.  They include news wires: AP, EFE, Notimex, etc., photo: AP, Getty, wire images,etc., video: IMG, Azteca America (partner), GOL TV (partner), Cosmo en Espanol, record labels, etc.
  • TerraUSA also creates and produces most of the content within our pages. The content providers/partners help us enhance or compliment what we create.  
Portada: What content is most popular?
Sepulveda: Music and entertainment is our most popular content. Within the music area we have recently launched three initiatives that have been very popular with our users. These are :
1) En Privado is an exclusive program of Terra-produced in-studio performances and interviews with today's biggest names in  music, as well as the hottest new artists. Artists come into the studio and perform 3 to 4 songs, give a short interview, answer member questions and capture the excitement on all the behind the scenes.  The first one of these series was prodced with the legendary Puerto Rican singer Ednita Nazario.
2) Terra Live – Terra exclusively offered access to the complete video of Ricky Martin's Black and White To
3) Terra – "Arde el Cielo con Mana" an exclusive partnership between Terra and Warner music for the release of the CD. It included an in depth artist experience for Terra users including photo galleries, contests and a live event.

Portada: How many unique visitors do you get per day?
Sepulveda: We get between 80,000 to100,000 visitors per day.
Portada: How many news providers do you work with?
Sepulveda: Several including: AP, EFE, Notimex, CNN, Atlas, Reuters
Portada: What percentage of content is produced in-house vs. sourced from  
other providers?

Sepulveda: Approximately 80% of Terra's content is produced by our amazing editorial team, making us the largest original digital content producer for U.S. Hispanics.  The rest is of our content comes from feeds and partners. In addition, we are always on the lookout for anything that can enhance our offering either via new partnerships or acquisitions.
Portada: How many journalists do you have in-house?
Sepulveda: We have more than 20 people on staff.
Portada: What sort of user-generated content does Terra offer? What type  
of User-generated content?

Sepulveda: We just launched our social networking platform, Espacio Terra. Our UGC offering is limited at the moment, but we are working on several new initiatives in order to maximize the UGC experience within our audience, bring new users and allow them to express their voice.
Portada: What is the breakdown of English/Spanish/Bilingual content?
Sepulveda: TerraUSA launched our English effort 6 weeks ago and is still in Beta. The English content we have is NOT a translation of our Spanish content.  It is a unique content offering targeting the US Hispanic audience that prefers their information in English, but wants to stay in touch with their roots. Its important to note this effort is not limited to just US Hispanics.  It is programmed for anyone with an interest in or wanting to know more about Latino culture.