How many video/music downloads does AOL Latino facilitate per month? 

Miguel Ferrer, Director, AOL Latino
: AOL Latino averages about 500,000 video streams a month.

What content providers do you work with on the audio/visual side of things? Do you use different providers for each? 

Ferrer: Various. We source global online video content through Truveo and YouTube and on a case-by-case basis from some of our feeds' providers, such as AP, EFE, Notimex, etc. We also source video content from partners, such as HBO Latino, SíTV, and ALMA Awards. And we produce a fair amount of original audio/video content, working in tandem with AOL Creative Productions and their facilities in Los Angeles and New York. 

What trends do you see in terms of user content preferences? Which areas are rapidly growing? 

: The trends we are most attuned to are related to how and when users are interacting with content and with each other. Whether the content is a video, a photo gallery, an article or a blog posting, our focus is on making sure our platforms and products are empowering users' involvement in the community that is forming around the content, the issue or theme. The effect of this is symbiotic, where not only can the media being showcased (photo, video, audio, etc) help drive the community engagement, but the community itself drives greater interaction with the media being showcased.

How many unique visitors do you get per day?  

Ferrer: According to comScore MediaMetrix, in May 2008 – the last month we have data on – AOL Latino received 1.9MM UVs in the month. We don't break out per day metrics in this field.

How many news providers do you work with?  

: Many, including AP, EFE, Notimex, EsMas, and People en Español.

What percentage of content is produced in-house vs. sourced from other providers?  

:  In a very real sense, almost all of the AOL Latino content is produced in-house as a final step prior to publishing. We are not satisfied with simply re-circulating the raw content. The AOL Latino programming team is dedicated to improving on the raw content for the benefit of our users by first and foremost enhancing it with elements that will inspire users to engage with the community and content. These can include relevant image/audio/video features, links to related stories, archived & historical content, ability to comment and vote, ability to share the content on social networking and bookmarking sites, and so forth.

How many journalists do you have in-house?  

Ferrer: We contract with a few freelance journalists and have fewer still in-house. On occasion, the latter will draft articles and such, but the role of our editorial team, our programming team, is to set the stage for the community to interact with the content and each other. The AOL Latino guiding principle is to connect people with their passion points. We do not believe we are the sole keepers as to what the larger Hispanic community is passionate about. Our job is to be active where the community is showing us they are passionate and participatory.

What sort of user-generated content does AOL Latino offer?  

Ferrer: AOL Latino users can get involved and generate content in various forms, from simple actions like commenting on an article or blog post, to posting their video content on AOL Latino Video ( In addition, AOL is developing our People Network, based upon Bebo, the social networking service we acquired earlier this year, and integrating into it our best in class instant messenger platforms (AIM, ICQ and Userplane). This will support an exciting initiative focused on users generating content and community around their favorite entertainment passion points.

What effect has Mexican Immigration affected web traffic? What percentage of your audience is first generation immigrants? How much has this grown in the past five years? 

Ferrer: We do not keep track of non-immigrant vs. immigrant online traffic, but we do recognize the growing number of persons of Mexican heritage in the United States and so try to ensure we provide them with timely and relevant content each and every day. AOL Latino's traffic has been growing steadily over the last few years, 138% over 2007's 1st quarter alone (source: comScore Media Metrix).

What effect has immigration had on the type of advertising that AOL Latino is drawing? Are you seeing Mexican advertisers targeting Mexican Americans through your portal or other advertisers specifically targeting this market? 

Ferrer: Yes, we see various advertisers partnering with Platform-A, AOL's digital advertising business ( to reach specific segments of the US Latino population through AOL Latino and the greater Hispanic network that Platform-A reaches (approximately 18MM Hispanics). These can be geographic, demographic or pyschographic segments. We are only just now starting to see cross-border advertising campaigns that seek to reach target audiences wherever they may be navigating to. The internet knows no borders. Clients, online ad agencies and online publishers are finally in positions to effectively meet this challenge.

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