With the hashtags #CONTINENTECOMEDIA and #BRASILCOMEDIA, famous comedians from Latin America will comment on Twitter’s Trending Topics through video-monologues. This is part of the new 100% online and social media campaign from Comedy Central Latin America, which started on August 14th.

Comedians include Gonzalo Curiel from Mexico (@goncuriel), Fernando Sanjiao from Argentina (@cuestiondefer), Murilo Gund from Brazil (@MuriloGun) and Fabrizio Copano from Chile (@fabriziocopano).

According to Sofia Ioannou, (photo-Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks The Americas) “the objective of VIMN The Americas is to create relevant brands and content for our audience[…] The channel (Comedy Central) reinforces our strategy of maintaining an ongoing dialogue with its viewers by offering a multi-platform entertainment and comedy brand for youth and adults”.

Along with the Twitter chatter, Comedy Central LatAm has also launched APODATOR, a Facebook app which allows users to “poke fun at their friends” in a format similar to Comedy Central’s show, Roast, in which “a special Roastee is hand-picked to sit on the hot seat with good-natured ribbing from colleagues and comics”.

Comedy Central Latin America was launched in February 2012. Its programming is 100% comedy. Some of the programs the channel offers are: Rob!, South Park and Ugly Americans.


Portada Staff

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