Very few (Hispanic) magazines have expanded their circulation recently. Televisa’s Publishing and Digital’s Vanidades is an exception. In 2011 it increased it’s rate base by 74%, compared to 2010, to 270,000. What explains this increase in circulation? According to Mariana Toledo Marketing Manager of Televisa Publishing in Miami the increase in circulation is due to a number of factors. “We have been increasing our circulation steadily, since 2009 and the large circulation increase which started this year has happened primarily due to our change in distributor. Our distributor is now Comag, which is the same distributor Hearst uses and this has allowed us to have more distribution primarily in large general market retailers.”  

Increase in Circulation in Emerging Hispanic Markets
Another reason for the increase in circulation is the distribution in Emerging Hispanic Markets, markets in which the Hispanic population has increased a lot according to recent Census data. (Portada is devoting a Forum – the Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum, on Sept. 21 in NYC to analyze the implications of this phenomenon for marketers).  “We have also started to increase our distribution in new Hispanic markets which are "hot" as a result of the census which include the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland, etc.”, Toledo states.  

An additional reason for the circulation increase, according to Toledo, is the increase in television spots (Univision), which has helped to increase subscriptions, as well as direct marketing efforts.


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