According to the “New Media and Latin America” research done by Business Bureau (BB), in Colombia 78% of TV audience does other activities while watching TV.

People interviewed from Colombia show that on average they do 4.3 simultaneous activities while watching television. Among talking to friends and doing housework, other activities related to digital media take place. 82% of interviewees claimed they check emails, while 61% said they check their social networks and 42% chat online with friends.

The study involved 600 participants from Colombia. The full panregional research reached over 2400 polls in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, plus information assembled by Data Center.

According to Horacio Gennari, President of BB, simultaneous media consumption is not a new trend, but a “disruption of media and a breakdown of paradigms”. In our last summit of Media and Advertising Portada 2012, Horacio Gennari analyzed this phenomenon.


Portada Staff

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