CNN en Españ, a site targeting the U.S. Hispanic market, is being relaunched as of today. The site has a blog like structure and according to CNN’s press release users will be able to find the latest news, the best videos, photo galleries, and editorial features. The site offers many of CNN’s multiplatform editorial products.

Cynthia Fernandez Hudson, VP and manager for the U.S. Hispanic market at CNN en Español says that “this is a new space for our audience, a space in which the latest news our audience expects from us is posted. We also invite our audience to establish a more direct connection with CNN en Español. Our solid base of followers in social networks now has a space to interact with us and privileged access to our content”.

Users will also be able to see what happens behind the cameras during the production of programs and news. They also will be able to connect with CNN journalists and reporters.


Back in June 2010, PaidContent reported that Spanish-language news service Efe will add to CNN’s breaking news offerings in a deal that emphasizes the importance of Spanish language audience for the Cable News Network. In Mexico CNN ranks among the top 10 editorial content sites.


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