ClickDiario Raises the Blinds; Opens things up.

ClickDiario, the newspaper website rep firm, has consolidated its vertical websites and launched targeted channels in Spanish language, choosing to represent their publications by name for the first time.

“Until recently, we were what is known as a blind network; now, we are an open-network,” says ClickDiario's Jacques Hart, of his company's recent shift in site representation strategy. “The change was really spurned by pressure from both sides. Agencies began demanding complete site lists of where their ads were being placed, and the publications also began to make their desire for exposure known,” he continues.

One of the main factors in ClickDiario's vertical integration model is to arrange the sites they represent into channels and offer combined targeted buys to advertisers, as opposed to piece-meal campaigns comprised of multiple individual buys.

As a result, advertisers get the convenience of extensive coverage with a single buy. From the publisher's perspective, they benefit as a result of being open to markets that they otherwise would not have been, given the lack of an international sales team, not to mention the complications that arise from setting up inter-country business partnerships.

To augment their new strategy, ClickDiario also offers a very competitive CPM rate of $2.00 for each site they represent.