Círculo Creativo Partners With AHAA for Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards

When the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) meets this year for its annual conference in Miami (Oct. 11-13), one thing will be missing from its agenda: The Advertising Age Hispanic Creative
Advertising Awards, which for over a decade had been organized by the New York-based trade publication.

Advertising Age’s International and Multicultural Editor Laurel Wentz said that Círculo Creativo and AHAA informed her a few months ago that they would like to take over the awards and model them more on the way other Círculos in Latin America do their national creative awards. “We wish Círculo and AHAA well with the awards and will be supportive of whatever they do to continue to raise the level of Hispanic advertising,” Wentz told Portada.

Horacio Gavilán, executive director of AHAA, also confirmed that Advertising Age will not be involved in this year’s creative advertising awards. Instead, he says, AHAA is partnering with Círculo Creativo (https://www.circulocreativo.org/) to organize some form of creative advertising awards during the fall conference to honor the best of Hispanic advertising. The details, however, remain “sketchy.”

“A formal announcement will be made in the next two weeks or so,” said Gavilán, who declined to elaborate on the nature of the awards or the overall judging process. Still, according to AHAA’s sponsorship media kit for the October conference which was published online, there will be a AHAA-Círculo Creativo Advertising Awards Gala and pre-gala reception on the night of October 12.

Círculo Creativo hasn’t made any formal announcement either. In fact, Círculo Creativo’s General Manager Bettina Abascal says it is premature to talk about an awards ceremony at this moment. “We do not have a name for the event, nor can we even confirm there will be an awards show or some other event on Oct. 12,” Abascal said in an email message.

Several Hispanic creatives contacted about the change, declined to comment or spoke on condition of anonimity, mostly expressing their concern if a formal show can be put together in the coming months. “These awards shows take plenty of time [to organize] and there is no way they [AHAA and Círculo] will be able to pull it off by October,” said one creative who asked not to be named.

AHAA’s October conference, whose theme is “SEE Change,” will continue to host the Post-FIAP screenings, showcasing the best Spanish-language advertising and production from throughout the Americas and Spain.