After Julian Posada the publisher of Café Magazine, was named new president of MLS club Chicago Fire, everyone in the Hispanic media world asked what would happen Café Media. Posada founded Café Media, an English-language publication and website catering to acculturated Latinos, in October 2008 (see related article here). We now have heard back from Posada. He tells us that Alejandro Riera is the new interim publisher and editor in chief.

More importantly, Café Media has been looking for funding to expand its presence in other major markets. Currently the publication has a circulation of 45,000 in Chicago. However, it did not find investors willing to fund that national expansion. Due to budget constraints Café Media had to reduce expenses substantially including Julian Posada’s salary. The number of fulltime employees has been reduced and so has the number of freelancers the publication uses.

“Chicago distribution and paper quality will stay”, Posada tells Portada. He adds that the digital expansion will be stopped for now. The plan now is to undertake the national expansion after the summer of 2011.


Portada Staff

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