Adam Chandler who recently left Yahoo, where he worked as Executive Director of U.S. Sales, Partnerships and Emerging markets, to join rich media advertising provider PointRoll,  tells Portada that he sees a lot of growth in advertising providing English messages with Hispanic Imagery.

 “English dominant Hispanics and bilingual Hispanics continue to be the majority of Hispanics online.” Chandler sees growth from marketers spending on bilingual advertising in order to speak in a relevant matter to Hispanics. Marketers need to know with certainty that they are reaching Hispanics also when Hispanics read English content. This can be obtained through behavioral targeting: E.g. a user reads the Deportes channel in Yahoo! en espanol and then clicks on a Spanish-language ad, but that same user may go to Yahoo – Finance – and a Hispanic relevant ad will be served to her/him there – (e.g. Ad has an English headline and a text written in Spanish in the body).

Perhaps unsurprisingly Chandler has seen downward pressure on online advertising from performance based advertising. Display pricing can vary from 50 cents CPM (unguaranteed placement) to $45 (e.g. customized pages for a brand in the auto channel). Gender targeting and/or DMA geotargeting (e.g. Hispanic women in Los Angeles) command a premium.

Another interesting aspect Chandler talks about is that there is not as much demand for “Hispanic” search, because there is not the scale and audience existing in the general market, where search amounts to more than half of the online advertising pie. “There are not many clients adding keywords in Spanish. “There are not that many Spanish only words, or searches, because of the fact that Spanish dominant Hispanics are a still small but growing audience.”


Portada Staff

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