Resources for Hispanic media have been added to the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Online Newsroom. The Hispanic Media Resource section is designed to provide easy access to credible health information for Spanish-language media and English-language media that reaches Hispanic audiences. The web pages will supplement the new CDC Online Newsroom, which launched on September 4, 2008.

Hispanic Media Resources include:

-Quick links to popular information like Hispanic and Latino health disparity information, data and statistics, as well as CDC documents translated into Spanish

-An expanded library of formatted articles translated into Spanish. These ready-to-print health articles are free to use in any publication

-Biographies for some of CDC's most popular Spanish-speaking experts

-Timely story ideas of special relevance for Hispanic and Latino audiences

-Contact information for Arleen Porcell-Pharr, CDC's Spanish Language Public Affairs Specialist.


Portada Staff

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