Canal Internet Founder and CEO Andy Kleinman Talks

What exclusive content are you developing and when do you plan to deploy it?

Kleinman: We have several exclusive shows on development. The first ones will be online as early as March. I cannot give more information about the shows yet until we start promoting them next week, but the first ones are comedy shows. 

What developments are taking place on the advertising side of things?

Kleinman: We are doing some test-run campaigns with advertisers to show results on how effective advertising on Canal Internet can be. It's all done in a small scale so far, as our traffic is now starting to grow into more significant numbers. We have several major brands interested and we started working with agencies in the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, so we will start adding new brands to the site in the upcoming weeks. 

How do you plan to promote your website to the public at large?

Kleinman: We are focusing on a very viral marketing campaign so far, doing mostly web promotion and PR. We will soon start doing more aggressive campaigns focusing on particular shows we want to promote, as a television network does (they promote watching a show rather than 'the whole network').


Your site also seems to be something of a social network. Is there a unifying theme to that aspect of it?

Kleinman: We are adding some elements of a social network / community to the site. The goal is for Canal Internet to be the place to interact with everything TV related. Part of the growth and content strategy we have has a lot to do with what our users are looking for, the feedback they give us, and how they interact with the community regarding each of our shows. We started with a basic registration process that lets people have a basic profile, add favorite shows, as well as voting on shows. We will add several new features soon. 

How do you plan to differentiate Canal Internet from JumpTV? How are they different?

Kleinman: JumpTV is different because they have complete channel feeds from different countries and pay per view events, and we focus on having specific shows from a company or country, and we create our own channels inside CI. They also have live feeds while our content is on-demand. Also, we have exclusive web content and exclusive content that is only available through us. We are actually in talks with JumpTV to work together as we are not competing but we can add value to each other’s product and audience.


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