Butaca.tv Launches New Ad Supported Website

Butaca.tv, a multiplatform Latino entertainment content delivery service launched a new website, offering instant access to a wide array of Spanish Language films. The advertising supported service is now offered free of charge. Butaca.tv is the consumer facing brand for Veranda Entertainment, LLC.

Named after the Spanish word for “movie theater seat,” Butaca.tv gives consumers access to a broad selection of films; from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema to contemporary films, in many genres. Butaca.tv uses a “hassle free” point and click interface without the need of any downloads or user registration.

“We are following the model set by Hulu.com in terms of ease and free advertising supported (we offer video ads every 10 minutes). The site has just been launched so look out for additional programs and  Hispanic advertisers”, Randall Green, CEO of Veranda  Entertainment, told Portada.

Pedro Alonzo, President of Butaca.tv added: “Our site provides consumers of Latino entertainment a diverse choice of content that up until now was not readily available on traditional Spanish language networks”.

The race to create and market a Latin “Hulu”, is intensifying with other startups such as Pongalo.TV (“Granier-Phelps: "Content Preferences of Hispanic Audiences weigh heavily towards Live TV showsalready in the field". Portada also has known that there are several other players coming into the field) and Maximum.TV (Orange Advertising Network incorporates Maximum TV into its Partners)

The content of Butaca.TV ranges from some of the best classic films from Mexico (Pedro Infante Collection) to new Contemporary indie films. Butaca.tv will be adding television episodic content in the next few months, like cooking programs and other lifestyle as well.

Green told Portada that its next steps are internet connected televisions, portable and apps.

“While the Hispanic consumer can go to Hulu or general market networks if they miss their favorite television programs, longform ad supported content is not yet available on Univision.com or Telemundo.com yet. We are the first to offer this”, he ended.