Briabe Media, the L.A.-based mobile media agency announced last week that it is launching Diversity Mobile Marketing, with a team dedicated specifically to targeting Hispanics on their mobile handsets.

As previously reported by Portada, studies show that Hispanic and Black consumers are the heaviest users of mobile content.

James Briggs, Co-founder and CEO of Briabe Media, says that they have been working with Anita Santiago and La Agencia in L.A. “A lot of what we do is work behind agencies to deliver campaigns,” says Briggs.

On whether some Latinos and African-Americans might find it cumbersome to receive mobile marketing on their phones, Briggs thinks not: “Mobile marketing is completely opt-in, so we don't blast out anything. Some people opt in through websites, but the majority do so through what are called ‘short codes.' A short code is a five or six digit number that a consumer texts a message to in order to start engaging with a brand.”

One common opt-in method is by voting on a show like “American Idol”; when someone casts their vote, they are opting-in to receive mobile marketing as well. Another way one might opt-in is by responding to a call-to-action print ad by sending the message to the advertised number.

“This is definitely a growing market, and one that we are excited to help develop in the months and years ahead,” says Briggs.


Portada Staff

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