Mexico’s El Universal, a member of Grupo Diarios America (GDA), is launching a site targeting Hispanics in San Antonio, TX, and Mc Allen, TX.  The Spanish-language site features news from the San Antonio and Mc Allen areas. Sections include “Mexico in San Antonio” and “Vivir en SA”. A shopping “De Compras” section features brands such as Neiman Marcus, Burberry and Baby Gap.

Reaching out to Texan Hispanic, whose vast majority is of Mexican origin, is a more cost effective option than previous attempts of El Universal to do so via print media vehicles (see below). Major Mexican newspapers such as El Universal have a strong brand recognition among Texas Hispanics. El Universal can monetize its Texas Hispanic audience to U.S. based advertisers but also to Mexican brands expanding into the U.S. Many Mexican companies are interested in “following” Mexican audiences in the U.S. In fact, Univision has a sales team in Mexico City whose only objective is to sell advertising to Mexico City based companies.

Long Story of Attempts

This is not the first time that El Universal is attempting to reach the Hispanic population. Prior attempts were mostly done through print media vehicles. 

In 2008, after two years of delivering news about Mexico to Mexicans living and working in the greater-Atlanta area, EL UNIVERSAL Gráfico (weekly, circ. 50,000, Spanish) ceased publication with its, 104th issue.

El Universal’s forays into the U.S. have also included Soccer World Cup Supplement partnership such as a 2006 partnership with La Voz/The Houston Chronicle.

In 2006 El Universal rival Grupo Reforma partnered with Hearst’s San Antonio Express News to launch a Spanish-language sports publication called Cancha. Cancha was discontinued in 2008.


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