A new selection of “Breaking ads Mexico” as tracked by  MexicoWebMonitor™,  a service of Media Economics Group. The campaigns were active between 20 and 26 of august of 2012. Below digital campaigns from Visa, Bimbo, Opera and Universal Pictures.


Advertiser : Visa, Inc.

Campaign : Visa Platinum “Visa Concierge”

First date captured : 26/08/12

Language : Spanish

Description : Visa Concierge service offers reservations at restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. for Visa Platinum card holders

Site : AztecaDeportes.com

Landing Page : http://www.visa-platinum.com/mx/visa-concierge.aspx


Advertiser : Grupo Bimbo, S.A.

Campaign : Grupo Bimbo “Bimbuñuelos”

First date captured : 20/08/12

Language : Spanish

Description : Bimbuñuelos snack – crispy pastry wheels.  Campaign leads to Facebook site (facebook.com/BimbunuelosBimbo)

Site : Chilango.com, Publimetro.com.mx

Landing Page : https://www.facebook.com/BimbunuelosBimbo


Advertiser : Opera Software ASA

Campaign : Opera Mini Browser

First date captured : 24/08/12

Language : Spanish

Description : Opera mobile browser for phones and tablets.

Site : Chilango.com, CNNExpansion.com, MedioTiempo.com (Mexico), Quien.com

Landing Page : http://www.opera.com

Universal Pictures

Advertiser : NBCUniversal, Inc.

Campaign : Universal Pictures “El Legado Bourne”

First date captured : 24/08/12

Language : Spanish

Description : Spanish-language version of “The Bourne Legacy” opened in Mexico August 24, 2012.

Site : ElUniversal.com.mx

Landing Page : http://www.legadobourne.com


Portada Staff

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