Breaking Ads Mexico:

In a new selection of “breaking ads” through tracked MexicoWebMonitor™ by Media Economics Group, we introduce the digital campaigns from  Starbucks, Invex, Speed Stick and Michelin.

The campaigns were active between March 19 and 25, 2012

Selected “Breaking” Ads: March 19 to 25, 2012 


Advertiser (Parent Company): Starbucks Coffee Company

Campaign:  “Encuentra tu Sabor”

First date captured: 03/22/2012

Language(s): Spanish

Description: Starbucks Mexico campaign describing the range of Starbucks blends from Blonde (light) to medium and dark.





Advertiser (Parent Company): Invex Grupo Financiero

Campaign: “Invex Banca Privada”

First date captured: 03/20/2012

Language(s): Spanish

Description:  Invex Grupo Financiero Private Banking services in Mexico.

Site(s):,,, (from Mexico),





Speed Stick X5

Advertiser (Parent Company): Colgate-Palmolive Company

Campaign:  “Top 5 Promoción”

First date captured: 03/21/2012

Language(s): Spanish

Description:  Share and vote for your “Top 5” in futbol, music, videogames, etc. – or create your own top 5 and share with your friends.  Landing page on links to app download page on Facebook.

Site(s): (from Mexico), Starmedia Mexico, (from Mexico).



Advertiser (Parent Company): Michelin North America, Inc.

Campaign: “Ahorra $700 Pesos y Gana Seguro de Autos por un Año”

First date captured: 03/24/2012

Language(s): Spanish

Description:  Michelin Mexico promotion: buy four tires and receive a gift card for $700MX.  Buy any tire and participate in sweepstakes for free auto insurance for one year.





Source:Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™
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