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Portada introduces a new selection of “breaking ads” tracked through MexicoWebMonitor™ by Media Economics Group active between May 28 and June 3.

This week in Breaking Ads Mexico we present the digital campaigns from Kelloggs, America Movil, Banamex and Burger King.


Advertiser (Parent Company): Kellogg Company

Campaign:  “Zucaritas – Olimpiadas Nacionales 2012”

First date captured: 05/26/2012

Language: Spanish

Description: Kellogg’s Zucaritas “Desafio Garra” campaign featuring links to photo gallery of competitve events at the Olimpiada Nacional 2012 in Mexico.

Site (s): (Mexico), (Mexico)







Advertiser (Parent Company): America Móvil

Campaign: “Amigo plus”

First date captured: 05/28/2012

Language: Spanish

Description:   Telcel “Amigo Plus” long distance plan.  Advertised rates from $0.98MX per minute (minimum $200MX per month)

Site (s): (from Mexico), (Mexico)





Advertiser (Parent Company): Banco Nacional de Mexico (Banamex)

Campaign:  “One Direction Contest”

First date captured: 05/28/2012

Language: Spanish

Description:   Banamex promotion for “One Direction” concert.  Contest hosted on Banamex Facebook page (  Contest attracted 5,431 participants.

Site (s):






 Burger King

Advertiser (Parent Company): Burger King Corporation

Campaign: “Terra Mexico Live Music – Panteon Rococo”

Fecha de publicación: 05/28/2012

Language: Spanish

Description: Burger King co-branded promotion for “Panteon Rococo” concert on Terra Mexico Live Music (

Site (s):




Source:Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™
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