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The new selection of “breaking ads” tracked through MexicoWebMonitor™ by Media Economics Group was active between May 14 and 20, 2012.

This week in Breaking Ads Mexico we present the digital campaigns from Cif, Sony Pictures, Boomerang y Dreamworks.




Advertiser (Parent Company):  Unilever PLC/Unilever NV

Campaign:  “Cif Cleaner”

First date captured: 5/25/2012


Language: Spanish

Description:  Launch of “Cif” household cleaning product in Mexico.  Campaign ads lead to Cif Mexico Facebook page.

Site (s):






   Sony Pictures Entertainment

Advertiser (Parent Company):  Sony Corporation

Campaign: “MIB3 – Hombres de Negro 3”

First date captured: 25/05/2012


Language: Spanish

Description:  Men in Black 3 movie launch in Mexico by Sony Pictures (

Site (s):, 





Advertiser (Parent Company):  Time Warner, Inc.

Campaign: “BoomBox Fest”

First date captured: 5/19/2012


Language: Spanish

Description:  Lanzamiento de la película de DreamWorks, Madagascar 3.

Site (s): (from Mexico),


Advertiser (Parent Company):  Dreamworks LLC

Campaign: “Madagascar 3 – Los Fugitivos”

First date captured: 5/21/2012


Language: Spanish

Description:  Madagascar 3 movie launch in Mexico by DreamWorks (

Site (s): Yahoo! Mexico





Source:Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™
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