BRAINZ, the games division of ZIO Studios, one of Latin America’s leading animation and new media companies, launched today the open beta for Social Street Soccer, a 3D synchronous multi-player game for Facebook. The game allows users to become soccer players, create teams with their friends, and play against other teams in three-on-three matches.

Social Street Soccer brings a fresh and innovative approach to social sports gaming, where users are not drawn by the offer to manage a team of famous players but rather are compelled to play in a team by creating their own personalized avatar using tagged Facebook photos. Users can choose facial textures, weight, height, etc., and select from a broad array of virtual features that include urban hair styles and apparel, specific game skills, and even goal celebrations which can be previewed in full 3D.

"We believe that the dominant trend for 2011 will be social games moving away from the typical 2D asynchronous management experience such as Farmville or FIFA superstars”, said Alejandro Gonzalez, Senior Vicepresident and Studio Director at BRAINZ. He emphasized that “the next generation of social gaming will involve new game mechanics that provide a 3D synchronous core experience within the social ecosystem. This requires a paradigm shift in things like social context and closure"

This first open beta release includes a baseline game experience for early adopters and Beta testers. The full version scheduled for early 2011 release will also have enhanced social elements such as ladder systems, artificial intelligence, achievements, and micro-payments.

The game relies in Unity3D, a web based 3D engine, and Exit Games' Photon to handle the synchronous multiplayer services.


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