Josh Rucci Official Headshot (1)Josh Rucci, GM, Bloomberg Content Service (photo), tells Portada that Spanish-language content demand “is global and guided our approach toward a multi-region service across seven time zones. Opportunity ranges from Spain and South America (e.g. Colombia, Argentina, Chile) to Mexico and key US Hispanic markets including New York, Miami and Los Angeles.” For Rucci, the “U.S. Hispanic market plays a very significant role  with increasing news consumption across multiple platforms, and we want to serve this with quality business content in both English and Spanish.”
According to Rucci, “publishers (print & Digital) are Bloomberg’s traditional customer base, though we are seeing strong growth in the broadcast, education, and corporate information sectors.” We work with many media outlets across the region on a variety of business models. We are confident in the value we offer for clients looking to monetize through advertising, paid content, and other means.
Globally, Bloomberg has 325,000 subscriptions to the Bloomberg Professional service (aka Terminals for financial professionals). In Latin America, particular growth areas are in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.