BestBuy Pursuing Multi-Platform Hispanic Strategy in 2009

BestBuy is actively pursuing the Hispanic market across multiple channels in 2009, in spite of, or perhaps because of the suffering economy. “We are really proud of our role as market leader in being able to offer Hispanics and specifically Spanish preferring Hispanics an end to end robust Spanish language shopping experience across our online channel, phone channel and in our stores,” Hispanic Initiatives Site Manager Ana Grace tells Portada.

The company recently wrapped up its Holiday campaign which included banners on many of the major Spanish portals including Univision, Yahoo Telemundo, MSN Latino, Billboard en Español and Batanga, among others. These ads linked back to their Spanish language website and were a mix of specific product promotions and general branding. This year, they expanded their Hispanic holiday campaign with a 3 Kings Day component.
“We currently are at the end of our fiscal year, we are now in the planning stages for 2009,” Grace tells Portada.  “We plan to continue connecting with their passion points around sports and entertainment, as is evident in our sponsorship of the Chicago Fire. Digital will play a significant role. As for our future involvement we are aggressively pursuing opportunities in both the online and mobile space given the over indexing of these products by our core Hispanic customers. We are investing as a company in making information available to our customers how and when they want it.”

FSI Program…

Last year Best Buy ran over a dozen Spanish FSI’s in key Hispanic markets, including Texas, Florida, California, New York and Chicago.“This year, Spanish FSI’s will again play a role as we continue to take an integrated approach to reaching our customer,” Grace tells Portada.

Hispanic targeted direct mail and email marketing…

During the holidays BestBuy partnered with MSN Latino and ran an email marketing campaign directed at their list of technology enthusiasts. Grace tells Portada that the campaign achieved strong response.

“To date our efforts in outbound email efforts have been limited but a more robust approach is being considered for this year. From a direct mail perspective we currently mail Spanish offers to our best Hispanic Reward Zone customers,” says Grace.


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