Advertisers are increasingly using social networking sites to market their products. Some social networks are betting almost exclusively on the mobile platform: MocoSpace, a social network that is primarily accessed on the phone, has reached 15 million users. The company says it primarily makes money through advertising targeted at their demographic of 18 to 24 year olds, which is one-third Hispanic and one-third African-American.

The Objective

MocoSpace was chosen by Nokia to promote and increase awareness of the Nokia Nuron and Mode, two new phones targeted directly to the MocoSpace demographic. Another objective of Nokia was to develop a channel for brand communication and engagement.


  • Survey done over MocoSpace with over 8,000 responses provided key findings.
  • Serve ads to a targeted audience via premium mobile placements.
  • High SOV (Share of Voice) placements include full page mobile interstitial and, premium banner placements averaging high CTR.
  • Banners directed traffic to Nokia Fan Page with content, comments and badges.

Targeting: The MocoSpace social environment provided a number of demographic targeting options. Nokia used this feature to target all members on AT&T, T-Mobile and Metro PCS in the United States.

Results: Over 88,000 brand fans (10x Facebook), 220,000 fan page views and and 2,200 fan comments. The “full page mobile interstitial” performed at a 2.47% CTR (Click through rate). Friend feed and badges amplified brand reach to over 6 million members over 1 month flight period!


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