Best Practices: Corporate Social Media Campaigns

A look at what companies are doing in Social Media to connect with their consumers. Campaigns and strategies reviewed by @lulamedia, Community Manager at DirecTV LA.


  • Motorola

A corporate profile on the site – A new wave of convergence is unfolding. Lines that once separated the Internet, wireless mobility, computing and media as distinct forces are blurring to create a more mobile, connected and social society. Many of the devices that consumers use daily are now connected – linking them to people, resources, information and entertainment both at home and on the go.

Those connections are resulting in new social behaviors and consumer expectations for devices.

– Facebook and Twitter Profiles visible right on the home.
– 302, 557 Fans and an excellent SUPPORT Tab – 38,324 Followers on twitter.
– Two YouTube channels: Motorola Europe and ShareMoto US

  • Acura TSX

They run a Competition on the FanPage ‘COMPETE LIKE A PRO’ also visible directly through the home.

  • British Airways

– Facebook: A main FanPage with 42,559 Fans + A Charity – Contest Tab – For your chance to win a seat on the funniest flight in history', you can enter and donate to Comic Relief in two ways – online or by text. Donate Now’

This is the video


A special FanPage for 'Metrotwin' – With an independent site that twins New York with London and treats both cities as a single online community. The site publishes recommendations of the best places to go in New York and London.

– Twitter: 2 Profiles: @British_Airways for Customer Care with 91,060 Followers; @BritishAirways for News & Content with 48.077.

  • United Colors of Benetton

– Facebook: A Fashion Selection Contest – a massive but separate campaign with 22,046 Fans – Created in 2010 the site and SM profiles remain activated.

The video


  • Ford

They have asked themselves ‘How could Ford make the brand more relevant for its target audience –young, creative and digitally savvy consumers?’

– The Solution?

The Test-Drive Program — has elicited the interest of about 50,000 potential buyers, importantly 97% of which don’t drive a Ford at present.

– The result:

4.3 million YouTube views.
540,000 flickr views.
3 million Twitter impressions.


The campaign was repeated this year.
Go where your audience is. Engage with them in their language and on their terms.