In the Summer of 2009, the California State Lottery soft-launched the Replay program to give Scratcher’s players a second chance to win using their non-winning scratch-off tickets. The problem was no one was going on-line to sign-up. How do you get someone to sign-up online? You design an advertising campaign centered around the internet to drive them to sign-up.

Casanova developed a campaign geo-targeted to California utilizing a combination of flash, rich media and pre-roll. The campaign was centered on the exploits of the “entity” who was winning the consumers money because they hadn’t signed up yet, the “Trash Can”. The flash creative featured the Trash Can on vacation at a spa, in Hawaii and in a Limo. Synchronized rich media banners took the Trash Can from his banner to another picking up sunglasses and finally to a vacation banner where he shows up on a beach. Finally, the pre-roll creative featured the TV commercial with the Trash Can out on the town living the good life. 

Due to the limited timing of the campaign Casanova needed to build awareness and generate sign ups quickly. Media: To accomplish this they utilized a combination of high traffic portals for reach (such as and and affinity websites (such as to drill down to the core players. Since it was a geo-targeted campaign they could secure very little inventory on home-pages so they looked for and secured highly trafficked verticals within their chosen sites that corresponded with the sense of fun and excitement that the Replay program brings. The key verticals were entertainment, music, sports and video.

The results: Sign-ups and entries for the California State Lottery Replay site tripled in four weeks. The character of the Trash Can was so well received that the pre-roll was hijacked by consumers and posted on Youtube. Many more consumers called the California State Lottery and requested information on how to find the Trash Can’s song from the pre-roll. This gave Casanova Pendrill an opportunity to utilize Youtube and other social media to extend the campaign by giving the song away for free on the website and generate more sign-ups.


Portada Staff

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