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Bauer Xcel Media introduces J-14 Español with focus on Mexico and U.S. Hispanic


What: Bauer Media Group’s digital division Bauer Xcel Media announced the worldwide launch of J-14 Español. The initial focus will be on the Mexican and U.S. Hispanic markets. The website will be an extension of the J-14 brand with content from the English site translated and adapted into Spanish.

Why it matters: Major media groups, including major magazine publishers like Bauer Media, are investing on effectively reaching teenagers. Teenagers media consumption habits, particularly social and digital media, differ substantially from those of older generations.

B6eFbdZh_400x400Bauer Xcel Media, Bauer Media Group’s digital division, has announced the worldwide launch of J-14 Español. Live now, is part of Bauer Xcel Media’s ongoing initiative to expand its successful U.S. teen digital brands globally. A Bauer Xcel spokesperson tells Portada that “With J-14 Español, the focus is to make content accessible to all Spanish-speaking audiences. J-14 Español inherited Bauer’s Por Ti Mexico, the prior leading teen print magazine for teens in Mexico. There isn’t a focus on the Spanish market in Spain yet, Bauer is operating Bravo Por Ti there, the leading teen print magazine in Spain.”

According to this Bauer spokeperson, Por Ti Mexico print and website were discontinued in December of 2014, which means J-14 Español only inherited the web domain.  Since the print magazine in Mexico is closed, there is no circulation anymore.  will be an extension of the J-14 brand with content from the English site translated and adapted into Spanish as well as original content created specifically for its Spanish-speaking users.

Heather Thompson, executive editor of the Bauer Teen Network will oversee J-14 Español along with a Spanish-speaking editor working on the site exclusively. Karla Rodriguez is the Spanish-speaking editor working on the site. J-14 Español is currently targeting the US Hispanic market by repurposing a number of’s articles in Spanish on each day – concentrating on stars that are most loved by’s readers. J-14 Español is also targeting the Spanish-speaking audience in Mexico by posting unique articles about popular celebs there.Editorial and Sales teams are based in NYC.

Bauer Media Group is a large European-based media company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany that manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world. Bauer’s U.S teen magazines include J-14, Twist, M, Girls’ World, Animal Tales, among others.

Goal to Become the Largest Global Teen Celebrity Property

“The launch of J-14 Español follows years of major success in reaching the teen community online with J-14 in English,” said Christian Baesler, president of Bauer Xcel Media U.S. “Our goal is to become the largest destination for teen celebrity news worldwide. By creating a dedicated Spanish-language version of the website we’re able to make the brand accessible to more users both living in the U.S. as well as abroad.”

“Hispanic Americans are the second-largest ethnic population in the United States, and also the fastest growing. They account for 17% of the overall population and 25 percent of Americans under the age of 17. This represents a market underserved in the teen entertainment category,” Christopher Yates, vice president of digital sales. “Now J-14 Español will be able to deliver on the needs of marketers looking to engage with the Hispanic teen demographic at an all important time where they are establishing brand loyalty.”

The global expansion of follows a huge surge in growth for Bauer Teen Network. With 11.6 million unique users and more than 15.5 million Facebook fans, the Bauer Teen Network International has one of the world’s biggest editorial teen audiences. In the U.S., the Bauer Teen Network has more than doubled in size in that last year alone. Additionally, J-14 was recently named one of the top 25 largest U.S. social media brands in 2014, and the only teen editorial brand to make the list. J-14 is currently the #1 teen magazine on Facebook with nearly five million followers and twice as many total actions than any other brand in the category.



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