Batanga Partners with SobreRuedas to Develop Online Auto Channel announced that it is partnering with Megazines publication SobreRuedas to further develop their online channel, Batanga Auto.

“The move was really in response to what we saw as increased demand for auto content among Batanga users,” says Christina Brizuela, spokesperson for Hispanic Media Inc. (HMI), parent company of “Partnering with SobreRuedas made a lot of sense as they have proven themselves to be at the forefront of automotive publications for U.S. Hispanics.”

Under the deal, Batanga will have access to SobreRuedas photographic and editorial content, as well as the online search and database information that was previously available on Sobre Ruedas' website.

Rafael Urbina, HMI's CEO, said: "Batanga Autos is a product of HMI's ability to listen to its fast-growing audience and moving to expand content offering in this category to new heights." Urbina went on to say: "By partnering with SobreRuedas, HMI gains access to best-of-class content created with the US Hispanic consumer in mind."

In addition, will be offering Sobre Ruedas' weekly podcast, offering the latest car reviews to Batanga visitors.

Despite the new partnership, the two entities will continue to handle their own advertising and no cross-promotional activity is planned, though the idea has not been ruled out.

But the deal has more to it than Batanga's acquisition of SobreRuedas' content. Reinaldo Acosta, General Manager of Megazines and Publisher of SobreRuedas, said: "Partnering with HMI allows us to expand our content distribution efforts beyond print into the interactive arena gaining access to's audience of over 2.5 million unique visitors per month." As such, SobreRuedas benefits not only as a result of selling its content to Batanga, but also benefits from the exposure it receives from's robust online traffic.