Batanga has witnessed astronomical growth over the past year, having tripled its audience in this period alone.

While Batanga LIVE/Publishing will remain headquartered in NYC, the company will be bringing its content and technical operations down to its Miami offices from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Batanga’s CMO Rick Marroquin told Portada, “We’re consolidating all of our online operations out of Miami. We think it will position us to better serve our advertisers and ultimately our consumers going forward.”

Marroquin added, “We’ve made some strategic decisions over the past few years that have panned out well, for example the acquisition of Hispano-Click, and we see this as the latest in a series of strategic moves to strengthen our positioning in the market for the future.”

In terms of staffing, Marroquin says he anticipates that they will lose some employees who decide to stay in Greensboro, but will gain some new employees who will be added to the Miami offices.

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