What: Genius Brands partners with Pacific Digital Distribution to launch Baby Genius® streaming service in October 2013.
Why is it important: By means of a subscription-based service, parents will be able to create custom playlists of children’s educational content. These kind of initiatives are changing the way content is produced, consumed and distributed.

Genius Brands International, Inc., developer and marketer of entertainment products including the Baby Genius® line of music and edutainment products and characters, recently announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Pacific Media Technologies’ Pacific Digital Distribution (PDD) division to bring the entire catalog of Baby Genius® video, music and digital content to a global audience.

PDD, a digital video services company dedicated to the distribution of content to broadcast, cable, Internet and mobile video platforms, will connect consumers to Baby Genius® content through its proprietary Cloud Video On Demand WAVE platform.

The new Baby Genius streaming service will be available to consumers beginning in October 2013 at a monthly rate of US $5.99.

“Instead of shifting from service to service to enjoy individual titles, subscribers will be able to create custom playlists,” stated Genius Brands CEO and Chairman Klaus Moeller.

Source: WSJ via Globe Newswire.


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