Award Spotlight: Top Digital Innovator and Top Panregional Marketer Nominees

Find out the PortadaLat Nominees for Top Digital Innovator and Top Panregional Marketer, and vote for your favorite. Voting is open through May 19 to determine the winners. Below are the 21 shortlisted nominees. Peer-to-Peer recognition is a foundation of the PortadaLat Awards and it’s up to you to vote which candidates win. Check out the nominees and vote for your favorite now!

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Top Digital Innovator

Nominees are companies, including start-ups, belonging to the marketing-tech spaceInnovative SSPs, DSPs, DMPs, Ad-Exchanges in Latin America and the U.S., including Online Video content/advertising providers and Mobile Media Technologies including App-Providers.


360 Social Media Celebration 17th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards

360 Social Media Celebration 17th Annual Latin GRAMMY AwardsThe 17th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® brought the world together to celebrate the POWER OF MUSIC. It all began in September 2016 when some of the world’s biggest stars received their branded Latin GRAMMY goggles and helped to kick off the season announcing the Nominees for the 17th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards. For the first time EVER… The Latin Recording Academy created an immersive 360º digital experience that transported fans to cities across the globe where Latin Music is created… and enjoyed. Everyone joined the celebration as their favorite artists unveiled the Nominees directly from their own Facebook accounts, including Shakira (+104M), Enrique Iglesias (+51M), JBalvin (+19M), Jesse y Joy (+15M), Alejandro Sanz (+6M), Laura Pausini (+6M), Sophia Abrahão (+4M) and Alexis y Fido (+8M), with a combined Facebook fan base of more than 213 Million users. The ultimate 360º experience using your favorite VR goggles was available via Youtube. In just 24 hours digital Nominations across social media achieved more than a billion impressions. Breaking records and igniting a season of engagement.

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Alcance Media Group

Alcance Media GroupNowadays, consumers are not longer buying products or services, they are buying experiences. Pains: a) for Brands, they can’t anticipate the experience of their products/services before the consumers buy them, b) for Consumers, skepticism when they buy the first time and their apprehension to the possible frustration if they do not like what they are buying. Opportunity: Today buying decisions are highly influenced by social media and internet based research, that affects brick and mortar but also web based business. 360° videos and Virtual Reality offer a new way to enjoy an experience, through sight, sound, and motion, users senses are stimulated in a multitude of ways.

We converged these insights and developed a new way to bring the experience to consumers about a product or service, before they purchase it. Essentially, we use these immersive technologies and distribute ‘branded content’ for companies willing to reach potential clients and engage them in a highly innovative, original and leading edge way.

To amplify the scope reaching potential end purchasers for brands, we orchestrate a network of websites, blogs and portals to distribute this content, becoming one of the first Ad Network focused in 360°/VR Advertising.


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DSP ADSMOVILAdsmovil developed its own Latin American DSP, which is 100% Mobile. We are proud to say that it is the most complete DSP in the region. It englobes algorithm and unique integrations to serve campaigns in mobile devices. It’s an independent and agnostic platform.The Adsmovil DSP integrates with any market partner in a transparent and agnostic way. Ensuring safety for our customers.

We do targeting by Geo Audience: find your target based on the history of the physical path of the user. We also have diversity in video formats to impact the audience: vertical video 360, pre-roll, native, interstitial.

We use customized Tag and integrated to the Adsmovil DSP, which checks 100% of impressions served and ensures delivery in the quality of our mobile campaigns.


TaboolaTaboola is the world’s largest discovery platform, serving 360 billion recommendations to over 1 billion unique visitors every month on many of the web’s most innovative sites. Publishers, marketers, and agencies leverage Taboola’s predictive technology to boost on-site engagement, monetize their traffic, and promote their stories to high-quality audiences across the web.

When it comes to video with Taboola advertisers can decide to promote their videos on contextually relevant publishers (such as sports or fashion), overlay B2B and B2C customer data, retarget users who have recently expressed interest in a related product or service, promote videos to specific users identified as “video watchers,” and more.

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Training Camp For Fans By Tigo Music

Training Camp For Fans By Tigo MusicMusic has always had the power to bring people together. We used this power of music to create Training Camp for Fans, a gaming platform where participants had the opportunity to train, earn points and become the best fans. They had an experience all inclusive, including a meet & greet with one of the festival’s artist and a Huawei P9 to record all the experience.

We were able to bring together Tigo users from Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala in a one lifetime experience at Estereo Picnic, the biggest music festival in Colombia with renowned artists like The Strokes, The Weekend, Martin Garrix and many more.

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Univision Deportes

Univision DeportesSince the launch of Univision Deportes five years ago, the platform has grown to become the undisputed home of soccer, growing the sport in the U.S. while engaging fans’ passion for it. As such, Univision Deportes took to Facebook during the Copa America Centenario (CAC) to take fans along the tournament as if they were in each of the games. Providing fans with a fulfilling interactive environment complete with exclusive access to stadiums, players, teams, and coaches. The goal was to become the ultimate destination for all things Copa America Centenario, with coverage that was fun, informative and engaging. Mission accomplished.


Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

Advertising, marketing and media professionals that have made an outstanding contribution to the expansion of media and advertising targeting Latin American audiences. Award candidates should contribute to the growth of the Latin American-panregional advertising and media sector (as opposed to a more national-local approach).

Alberto Pardo (Banano)Alberto Pardo (Banano)

Alberto Pardo, a Colombian Entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Adsmovil, the leading Mobile Advertisement Company for LATAM, US Hispanics. With more than 15 years of experience in eCommerce, online/mobile digital advertisement, internet marketing and business strategy, Alberto is now leading Adsmovil’s expansion in key markets like USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Spain. The nations where Adsmovil has made the greatest progress in the past five years.

“To build a company and success is not only about will, talent and skills. It’s also about a deliberated pursuit of achieving the highest standards through uniqueness and the conquering of new markets, even dough they might seem far away.”


Juan David Pinzon, ‎Founder, President & CEO Ariadna Communications GroupJuan David Pinzon, ‎Founder, President & CEO Ariadna Communications Group

Miami-based and Colombian National Juan David Pinzon has been able to expand Ariadna and associated companies into a major panregional (Latin America ad U.S) marketing agency with expertise in several marketing specialties.

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Maria Flor Palazzolo, MedulaMaria Flor Palazzolo, Medula

She is an adequate person for this award. Flor’s passion and hard work are reflected in her everyday achievements as a Sales Manager and media Strategist.



Rafael Urbina, CEO VixRafael Urbina, CEO Vix

Urbina has built a Latin American and U.S. Hispanic digital media powerhouse. As the digital industry has evolved and matured throughout the Americas, Urbina has been able to proactively adapt and meet audience and advertiser demands.



Vicente Jubes, CEO LatinOnVicente Jubes, CEO LatinOn

A veteran executive in the Latin American and U.S.Hispanic advertising and media sector, Jubes has been a pioneer in the building of publisher ad networks as well as video advertising solutions.