AT&T Offers Spanish-language Holiday E-card

December 11, 2006

AT&T Offers Spanish-language Holiday E-card

Capitalizing at once on Hispanic families' interconnectedness and loyalty to companies that display a concern for their culture, AT&T has launched an interactive musical holiday e-card for Hispanic family members to share with one another.

The e-card is titled “Canta y Comparte la Alegría de las Fiestas, (Sing and Share the Holiday Spirit)”, and is available at available at

The e-card simulates the Hispanic traditions of posada and parrandas, where Hispanics travel from house to house, spreading thanks and good cheer as they go. Users may choose from up to six characters (from grandparent types to little kids) and customize the characters with personal photos. A personal message may then be added to complete the experience.

The innovative program seems well-conceived, as research from a recent Pew Internet Project report indicated that Hispanics were more likely than other ethnic groups to send e-cards, with 45% of Hispanics surveyed saying they engaged in the practice.