Atlanta weekly MundoHispanico (71,500, weekly, Spanish) has been publishing a print yellow page directory for years, but has just launched an online directory that is best described as a local search/yellow pages hybrid. It is local search in that it provides comprehensive listings, and businesses needn’t pay to be listed. Following the traditional yellow pages model, and more recently the Google model, the company does offer featured listings on a tiered level, from basic to premium, with premium listings featuring video and a map showing where the business is located, and many other features.
The paper is rolling the service out in different phases, which will include Better Business Bureau listings for qualified businesses and user reviews. “The user review capability is a little risky,” says director of sales and marketing Raul Trujillo, saying “It allows for the possibility that a paid advertiser could receive negative reviews.” However, this possibility is offset by the value of having user reviews, says Trujillo. “While right now, only 50% of Atlanta Latinos are online, this is definitely the future, so we see it as the right thing to be pursuing.”
He adds that the paper’s yellow pages have been one of its better offerings in terms of profitability. This year, the paper, which was printing its yellow pages in South America changed to a local printer in Atlanta due to rising fuel costs. “Now that prices have come down, it’s not as much of an issue. But we have the copies and are just about to release our ’09 book.”

Portada Staff

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