As Race Tightens, Clinton/Obama Campaigns Vie for Hispanic Ballots

Even before Super Tuesday arrived, producing a virtual dead heat among Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it was clear that the Hispanic vote was going to factor-in significantly in the final delegate count.

Having previously secured the endorsement of Nevada’s heavily-Latino Culinary Workers Union, Obama went on to receive the endorsement of LA’s La Opinion. Although the final counts were relatively close, it is clear that Hispanic voters trended toward the Clinton campaign, which has by all accounts done a better job at courting Latino voters.

Obama maintains that he is making progress with Latino voters, pointing out that he received 44% of the Latino vote in Arizona. “The more they see us,” he says, “the more they like us.”

The Clinton campaign recently ran a :30 Spanish-language TV spot called “Nuestra Amiga,” which seeks to reinforce her ties to the Hispanic community, and asserts that she understands Latino issues and cares about them. The Clinton Campaign’s Hispanic Media Director Fabiola Rodriguez-Ciampoli told Portada, “We’ve got some big states coming up—certainly Texas is one of them—where we’ll be running an aggressive Hispanic program.” Rodriguez-Ciampoli also told Portada that the campaign has been running radio and print ads ahead of the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC primaries, presumably to counterbalance the heavy support Obama is expected to receive from African American voters in those contests.

With the upcoming Texas primary, both Candidates are trying to shore up their support among Hispanic voters. Clinton has already received the endorsement from the Tejano Democrats of Texas, while the Obama camp is working feverishly to set up their campaign offices in the state.

Where do the media buys come from?

The creative for Clinton’s Hispanic ads is being handled by Miami-based Bendixen and Associates, while the buying is being taken care of by Media Strategies and Research, with offices in Denver and Fairfax, Virginia.

The Obama campaign’s Hispanic buys are currently being handled by Washington DC-based GMMB, a politically-oriented advertising agency. Portada has known that GMMB is looking to mostly buy TV to reach Hispanic voters.

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