AP and MSN develop online Video Network

The Associated Press (AP) and MSN are working together to develop the AP Online Video Network, which is set to launch in the first quarter of this year. AP will provide the content and MSN will provide a customizable Windows Media-based video player and will sell national advertising for the fully ad-supported service. Local AP members that use the new service will share revenue generated by the pre-stream advertising on their websites.

According to Sue Cross, AP’s vice president of newspaper and online for U.S. newspaper markets, the AP Online Video Network will be available to newspaper and broadcast sites targeting Hispanics. It is currently available in English only, but AP is studying how to provide more video with Spanish voiceovers. “We hope to provide more Spanish video services in the future,” says Cross.

“The content of the video network is broad, starting at about 50 clips a day and growing, and it includes strong international coverage,” explains Cross. “So there will indeed be content of interest to Hispanic markets.” Kevin Walsh, who was recently appointed vice president of the AP’s West region, will take over responsibility for management of AP’s Spanish business. Walsh could not be reached for comment.

HDN Network, a sister company of Hispanic PR Wire, provides advertiser supported websites and news feeds to a growing network of Spanish-language newspapers (For more information check out www.portada-online.com “Hispanic publishers give advertisers more internet marketing solutions”).

AP’s partnership with MSN could create stiff competition for advertisers looking to reach Hispanics online.

Carrie Barnes