Several print media outlets are contributing content to AOL Latino, America Online's new Spanish-language service, launched on October 1st. People en español, also owned by AOL Time Warner, has three full time staffers providing daily content to AOL Latino. The People en español team will produce a mix of original programming and content taken from their magazine, People en español´s Lauren Kuschner says.

Los Angeles newspaper La Opinión and New York daily el diario/La Prensa will contribute news, sports and entertainment content. Other content providers are Univisión, Knight Ridder and the Spanish versions of the BBC service, Consumer Reports and National Footbal League. Out of AOL's 25.4 million U.S. subscribers, 2.3 million are Hispanics. Most Hispanic internet users speak English. With the new Spanish-language service, AOL hopes to appeal to Spanish speakers and bilingual individuals who are not yet active internet users. “We also expect AOL Latino to generate a significant number of magazine subscriptions,” People en español's Kushner notes. She adds that>People en español and AOL Latino will work together on ad sales. Some of the brands advertising on AOL Latino are Banco Popular, Mosaico – Club de Lectores (Bertelsmann) and K-mart.


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