A Q& A with Batanga’s CEO Rafael Urbina.

Portada: In the last financing round Batanga got $30 million can you explain how much this round is as a % of the last round or give some indications about the size of the funding?

Rafael Urbina: “Funding varies from series to series, we are not disclosing the exact amount at this time”

Portada: It seems that the bulk of the new funding is going into Hispano Click. How exactly are the the funds going to be used?

Rafael Urbina: “The funds will be used to implement superior targeting technologies that will allow our Clients to reach their consumers like never before. Additionally, the funds will allow us to extend these technologies, as well as all the benefits of the network, into the Latin American market.”

Portada: What is your ultimate objective for Hispano Click?

Rafael Urbina: “Our goal has always been, and continues to be, to provide marketers with the most successful online solutions for their Hispanic marketing needs. Providing our advertisers with solutions that consistently demonstrate effective reach and performance will always be Batanga, Inc.'s main objective.”

Portada:  By how many positions is Hispano Clicks team going to increase? Where are these positions going to be created (Miami, NYC, Latam?).

Rafael Urbina: “That has not been defined at this time, however any increase in staff would occur internationally.”

Portada:  Can you be specific about the new technologies that are going to be developed for Hispano Click?

Rafael Urbina: “We will be implementing a series of targeting technologies that will provide our advertisers will the capability to identify, segment and reach their Hispanic consumers much more effectively than ever before. Our advertisers will benefit from increased performance and efficiencies using state-of-the-art resources that can contextually, behaviorally and re-target Hispanic consumers unlike elsewhere on the web.”

Portada:  Does the Sobre Ruedas channel still exist in Batanga (now that the print publication does not exist anymore)?

Rafael Urbina: “Batanga Autos continues to live as a lifestyle channel on Batanga, however we are not affiliated with Sobre Ruedas

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